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Further financial crimes could result in 700 years behind bars for Alex Murdaugh

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    Victims of Alex Murdaugh's convoluted web of lies and criminality celebrated his conviction tonight - as reports suggest he could be jailed for more than 700 years for his financial crimes. 

    Jurors unanimously found the disgraced legal scion guilty of murdering his wife Maggie, 52, and son Paul, 22, on June 7, 2021, after a sensational six-week trial that has gripped the country. He now faces 30 years to life in prison.

    One of his former clients - from whom he stole $1million - celebrated the news tweeting 'justice is served' while a lawyer representing other victims praised the jury for not 'buying' Murdaugh's tears and charisma.

    But questions still loom over how authorities will handle the myriad of other crimes he is accused of - many of which he admitted to while under oath during his double murder trial.

    He told the court he stole as much as $10 million from clients in a bid to fund his opioid addiction which saw him take more than 60 oxycodone pills a day.

    Alex Murdaugh's trial opened up a can of worms for the disgraced legal scion, as he admitted to a litany of financial crimes which could see him jailed for a further 700 years 

    Lawyer Justin Bamberg, who represents a number of Murdaugh's financial victims, welcomed his conviction on Thursday night as he said 'today is a good day'

    Justin Bamberg, who represents several victims who claim to have been exploited by Murdaugh, said 'today is a good day' as he spoke after the verdict was delivered.

    'Those of us who have been dealing with Alex‘s shenanigans for the last year and a half two years knew that he was a liar,' he told Fox News

    'I think that the jury made it very clear that we’re not buying what you’re selling. 

    'We think that it’s been proven that you are a liar, that you have lied to any and everybody including those you care about most.

    'If you watch Alex’s face when that verdict was read the tears we saw on trial, the snot we saw on trial - there was none.

    'You know why? Because tears and stuff weren’t going to help him.'

    Meanwhile Alania Spohn, who claims Murdaugh stole $1million from after her mother and brother died in a car crash, congratulated the prosecution.

    She tweeted: 'Guilty on all counts! Justice is served! Beyond proud of all the prosecution team. 

    'What an exhausting and draining trial it's been. Murdaugh is a liar, a thief. And a murderer.'

    Alania and her sister Hannah Plyler were just nine and 12 when their mother Angela, 37, and 14-year-old brother Justin were killed in a car wreck in 2005 - in which they were also both injured. 

    Alania (left) and Hannah Plyler were just nine and 12 when their mother and brother were killed in a car wreck in which they were both injured in 2005. Alania tweeted on Thursday that 'justice is served'

    Murdaugh was hired by their family to look after their finances until they turned 18. But more than $1m in settlements related to the crash were stolen. 

    Eric Bland, who is representing the family of a housekeeper who died while working for the Murdaughs, wrote on Twitter: 'Alex Murdaugh now drinks from the same cup of justice as every other murderer in South Carolina. 

    'I am not gloating because it is extremely sad for Maggie and Paul. 

    'But there were way too many national Pundits who did not live this case, knew Alex and did not have boots on the ground, and understand South Carolina citizens injuries for the last 30 years. Justice was done.'

    Parker Law Group, which is made up of Murdaugh's former partners, said in a statement: 'The actions of Alex Murdaugh are shocking to us all.

    'Tonight's verdict, which was rendered after a thorough and fair trial, brings justice and some closure to this awful matter. 

    'Maggie and Paul died tragically and for reasons we may never fully comprehend. 

    'They were much beloved and we will forever mourn their loss.' 

    The court case opened up a can of worms for the Murdaugh family, exposing a litany of criminal and financial allegations dating back to 2015. 

    The disgraced legal scion is accused of at least 99 financial crimes in 19 different indictments, among other offences. These will be dealt with at a later trial. 

    As he took to the stand over the double homicide case, he admitted: 'What I can tell you is that in all of these financial situations, I stole money that was not my money, I misled people I shouldn’t have misled, and I did wrong. I can tell you that.'

    Murdaugh, pictured being led away from Colleton County Court on Thursday evening, faces up to 700 years in jail if convicted of the financial crimes he is accused of

    Lawyers acting on behalf of his financial victims welcomed his conviction which they said marked 'justice'

    Paul, Margaret, Alex and Buster (from left to right). Murdaugh denied killing his wife and son but did tell the court: 'I stole money that was not my money, I misled people I shouldn’t have misled'

    Other scandals discussed in the trial include a 2019 boat crash involving his late son Paul which killed 19-year-old Mallory Beach. 

    Paul was facing criminal charges after being accused of driving the boat while drunk before he was shot dead. The girl's family were suing Murdaugh for a reported $30m at the time of Paul and Maggie's murders.

    The death of his housekeeper Gloria Satterfield - who the Murdaugh family claimed tripped over the dogs and fell down the stairs while working at their hunting lodge - was also raised during the case. Her son Tony called to give testimony on the stand about the $4 million wrongful death payout Murdaugh allegedly stole. 

    Murdaugh is also facing separate charges in connection to a September 2021 botched suicide attempt, designed to gift his only surviving son Buster a $12 million insurance payout. 

    On top of that, the South Carolina Attorney General’s office allege that Murdaugh stole almost $7 million from the bank account of his law firm, then called Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth & Detrick.

    He is reported to have evaded less than half a million dollars in taxes as well as stealing settlement money from extremely ill, vulnerable and bereaved clients and families - including a quadriplegic client who was swindled out of $1million.

    He is now facing up to 700 years in prison if found guilty on all fronts, according to calculations by legal magazine Law and Crime. 

    Money laundering an amount exceeding $100,000 - of which Murdaugh has been charged with on at least 11 occasions - carries a potential 20-year sentence.

    He's also accused of two lesser money laundering charges which carry a maximum sentence of five years. 

    Mallory Beach (pictured) was killed during a boat crash in which Murdaugh's oldest son Paul was driving drunkenly. He was facing criminal charges for the event before he was shot dead

    Beach, 19, was thrown from the boat when it crashed into Archers Creek Bridge, in Beaufort South Carolina. Her body was found five days later

    Gloria Satterfield is said to have died after falling at the Murdaugh home in 2018. She was the family's housekeeper and nanny for 25 years. Her son Tony (right) testified during Murdaugh's trial

    It means the laundering charges alone carry a maximum sentence of 230 years in jail. 

    Additionally he stands accused of at least 20 different financial crimes which could each see him jailed for up to 10 years. 

    The accumulated maximum penalty for those allegations total 200 or more years. 

    His remaining charges carry at the least a combined maximum penalty of 310 years, claims Law and Crime.

    It means he could be indicted to 740 years in a South Carolina correctional facility. 

    Murdaugh was also accused of swindling $1million out of quadriplegic Hakeem Pinckney, pictured


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